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Poni Brow Love - Black Beauty - CLEARANCE - OLD PACKAGING

$12 $20

This retractable brow pencil delivers a natural, super quick pop of volume and colour to create perfect brows. Brow Love features a unique love heart tip on one end and spoolie brush at the other, perfect for soft lines and a fluffy brow finish! You'll never be too busy to do your brows again with this soft and pigmented Brow Love that ensures an easy and instant application.


  • Cute Heart Shaped Tip!
  • Natural Pop of Volume and Colour
  • Soft and Pigmented
  • Spoolie End

Available in 5 amazing colours:
Little Palomino - Warm blonde to light brown
Palomino - Cool blonde to light brown
Chestnut - Medium Brown to reddish hair
Thoroughbred - Dark brown to black hair
Black Beauty - Darkest hair

Directions for use:

  • Feather the Brow Love into the sparse areas of your brows to create a fuller-looking brow. 
  • Finish off by brushing the spoolie through your brows
  • Use the Brow Pop underneath your brows to highlight and make them POP!

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