Pelactiv Fusion Fragrance Diffuser - Vanilla Flowers 250ml


Fusion Diffuser fragrances will give a long lasting and exquisite perfumed ambience in any home or office. 

Available in 6 scents:

  • Coastal Breeze -  A relaxed and refreshing scent.
  • Coconut Lime - A relaxed and refreshing tropical fragrance.
  • French Pear - Discover the warmth and friendly scent of fruity french pear and the aromatic notes of cinnamon.
  • Lemongrass - The scent of lemongrass will leave your home feeling refreshed and energised.
  • Sweet Pea and Jasmine - A light and fruity sensation of aromatic jasmine and delicate sweet pea.
  • Vanilla Flowers - Discover the warmth and familiar smell of vanilla.

How to:

  • Carefully remove the lid, take away the insert and replace the lid with the opening at the top.
  • Insert the reeds - allow to sit for a few seconds then remove and turn placing the other end into the bottle.
  • The fragrance will slowly be absorbed into the reeds and released, gradually diffusing the fragrance into the air.
  • Rotate the reeds on a regular basis to boost the fragrance.

Made in Australia from quality fragrances that will last up to 6 months.

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