Age Management Kit


The Age Management Kit is the ideal way to introduce clients who are concerned with ageing to the Aspect range. It contains four key products that are specifically

designed to provide a complete home care regime.

Skin Type:

Ideal for the aging related concerns of all skin types.


The Age Management Kit will quickly reduce the signs of neglect, aging and sun damage.


Morning Routine: 

  • Step 1 Purastat 5
  • Step 2 Extreme C 20
  • Step 3 Phytostat 9


Evening Routine: 

  • Step 1 Purastat 5
  • Step 2 Retinol Brulee
  • Step 3 Phytostat 9 

The Age Management Kit contains: 

  • Purastat 5 30ml
  • Extreme C 20 30ml
  • Retinol Brulee 30ml
  • Phytostat 9 15g

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