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CosMedix Affirm 30ml

CosMedix Affirm 30mlSkin Type:Sun damaged skinSkin laxityDehydrated skinAged and mature skinBenefits..

$110.00 $93.50 Ex Tax: $85.00

CosMedix Benefit Balance 150ml

CosMedix Benefit Balance 150mlSkin Type:HypersensitivityFragilePost in-clinic proceduresBenefits:Ref..

$68.00 $57.80 Ex Tax: $52.55

CosMedix Benefit Clean 150ml

CosMedix Benefit Clean 150mlSkin Type:All skin typesHyper-sensitive skinsBenefits:Deep cleanses with..

$68.00 $57.80 Ex Tax: $52.55

CosMedix C.P.R Skin Recovery

CosMedix C.P.R Skin Recovery 15mlSkin Type:ReactiveImpaired BarrierEczemaRosaceaDermatitisBenefits:A..

$79.00 $67.15 Ex Tax: $61.05

CosMedix Clarity Serum 30ml

CosMedix Clarity Serum 30mlSkin Type:OilyAcneCongestedBreakout ProneHormonal ImbalanceSpot Treatment..

$59.00 $50.15 Ex Tax: $45.59

CosMedix Clear 60ml

CosMedix Clear 60mlSkin Type:Oily CongestedAcneBreakout ProneHyperpigmentedPhotodamagedBenefits:Free..

$63.00 $53.55 Ex Tax: $48.68

CosMedix Defy 50g

CosMedix Defy 50gSkin Type:All skin conditionsFine lines & wrinklesDry, leathery, sun damaged sk..

$99.00 $84.15 Ex Tax: $76.50

CosMedix Emulsion 60ml

CosMedix Emulsion 60mlSkin Type:Sensitive skinDry skinIrritated & inflamedPost all resurfacing t..

$115.00 $97.75 Ex Tax: $88.86

CosMedix Eye Genius Brilliant Eye Complex 7g

CosMedix Eye Genius Brilliant Eye Complex 7gSkin Type:All skin types.Benefits:Tackles three stubborn..

$110.00 $93.50 Ex Tax: $85.00

CosMedix Hand and Body Gift Set

Cosmedix brings the transformative power of its skin care to the body with a nourishing hand and bod..

$66.00 $56.10 Ex Tax: $51.00

CosMedix Hydrate+ SPF 15 60ml

Skin Type:Normal SkinDry or sensitive skin Dehydrated or stressed skinMature or menopausal skin..

$73.00 $62.05 Ex Tax: $56.41

CosMedix Mystic Hydrating Treatment 120ml

CosMedix Mystic Hydrating Treatment 120mlSkin Type:Sensitive, dry skinsOily / problem prone skinsInf..

$62.00 $52.70 Ex Tax: $47.91

CosMedix Opti Crystal Eye Serum 7ml

Skin Type:Damaged and thinning eye tissueCrows Feet as well as fine lines and wrinklesDehydrationBen..

$145.00 $123.25 Ex Tax: $112.05

CosMedix Pure C 6g

CosMedix Pure C 6gmsSkin Type:Lines & wrinklesSun damage & hyper pigmentationMenopausal skin..

$77.00 $65.45 Ex Tax: $59.50

CosMedix Pure Enzymes 60ml

CosMedix Pure Enzymes 60mlSkin Type:Oily / blemish prone skinCoarse poresDry / dehydrated skinS..

$80.00 $68.00 Ex Tax: $61.82

CosMedix Purity Balance 150ml

CosMedix Purity Balance 150mlSkin Type:Impure skinEnlarged pores Oily/ Combination skinsPhotoda..

$68.00 $57.80 Ex Tax: $52.55