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Medik8 C-Tetra 30ml

A revolutionary ultra-stable vitamin C serum which helps combat sun-induced damage to the skin, trig..

$78.20 Ex Tax: $71.09

Medik8 C-Tetra Vitamin C Cream 50ml

Finally… the famous C-Tetra serum is available in a luxurious cream format. There is no doubt serums..

$129.00 Ex Tax: $117.27

Medik8 CE Thione Rechargable Vitamin C 2x 15ml

CE-Thione contains a breakthrough formula of Vitamin C that effectively recharges itself and stays p..

$178.00 Ex Tax: $161.82

Medik8 CE-Tetra 30ml

Medik8 CE-Tetra is a revolutionary ultra-stable vitamin C serum which helps combat sun-induced damag..

$140.00 Ex Tax: $127.27

Medik8 creamCleanse 250ml

A silky textured, gently exfoliating cream cleanser which has been designed for all skin types, espe..

$45.00 Ex Tax: $40.91

Medik8 eyeCleanse 100ml

Medik8 eyeCleanse is a powerful yet gentle eye makeup remover with a unique micellar cleansing syste..

$35.50 Ex Tax: $32.27

Medik8 Firewall Mineral Antioxidant Serum 30ml

Younger looking skin in less than 6 weeks! Exposure to sunlight, smoke, mobile phone signals, exhaus..

$158.00 Ex Tax: $143.64

Medik8 gentleCleanse 150ml

A delicate, non-exfoliating but deeply purifying foaming wash for the face. Medik8 gentleCleanse has..

$39.00 Ex Tax: $35.45

Medik8 Hydr8 B5 Hydrating Serum 30ml

This lightweight and easily-absorbed hydrating gel delivers skin-softening pantothenic acid (vitamin..

$79.00 Ex Tax: $71.82

Medik8 Pore Refining Scrub 75ml

Pore Refining Scrub provides a dual action exfoliator for more visible results. The gentle exfoliato..

$59.00 Ex Tax: $53.64

Medik8 Pore Refining Toner 150ml

Medik8 Pore Refining Toner contains a unique prebiotic to promote the growth of healthy bacteria, wh..

$39.00 Ex Tax: $35.45

Medik8 poreCleanse Gel 150ml

Contains both AHA and BHA acids to effectively manage oily skin types major concerns whilst providin..

$38.00 Ex Tax: $34.55