Cherry Blooms

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Cherry Blooms Fibre Brow Kit With Stencils

A proprietary blend of natural fibres and smooth powder act like instant 3D brows, embedding fibres ..

$49.50 $42.08 Ex Tax: $38.25

Cherry Blooms Fibre Lash Mascara

In 3 easy steps, Cherry Blooms Fibre Lash Extensions give you the effect of extensions, without the..

$69.00 $58.65 Ex Tax: $53.32

Cherry Blooms Liquid Liner

A 24-Hour Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, Cherry Blooms’ formula contains polyvinyl which doesn’t absorb..

$24.95 $21.21 Ex Tax: $19.28

Cherry Blooms Matte Volumizer Liquid Lipstick 5ml

 Volumizing and long wearing ingredients that boost your lip volume and stays on. This super co..

$38.00 $32.30 Ex Tax: $29.36