What are the benefits of adding collagen to my skincare routine?

Give your skin a boost!

There are many factors that contribute to our skin showing signs of ageing, from environmental to poor nutrition, we all strive to keep our skin looking as youthful, for as long as possible. 

Our bodies produce less collagen as we start to age and in turn, our skin might start to show those dreaded first signs of ageing.

How will a collagen serum help with this?

Collagen has powerful anti-aging properties, working hard to keep the skin plump and firm whilst providing long lasting moisture. 

What collagen would you recommend?

One of our customer (and my personal) favourites is the Clean Collagen by Terra Tonics. This fragrance free, bio active collagen offers all the amazing benefits of a collagen serum, but without chemicals, fillers or even water, making this an innovation in plant based skincare. 

Containing 5 whole-plant extracts, working together to heal, protect and regenerate, this serum is a must-have for anyone looking for a clean, organic, cruelty-free product from a brand that wholeheartedly promotes environmental sustainability. 

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