This Immune Food Supplement Might be Your Best Friend this Winter

What exactly is The Beauty Chef's newest product, IMMUNE FOOD? How does it work, and what are the benefits? Did you know that 70 percent of our immunity lies in our gut? This means that good gut health is vital for our bodies to function at optimal level, with our wellbeing at its highest.

The gut health and immunity link

The immune system is a complex network that helps to protect and defend you against pathogens and infection. If the immune system is neglected, we can leave ourselves at risk of fatigue and illness. Although we can support our immunity with lifestyle practises such as getting enough (and good quality) sleep, regular exercise and stress reduction, diet also plays an extremely important part in this!

Ideally, we should be consuming enough vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc, that are essential for immune health.

As 70 percent of our immune system lies in our gut, it’s important to nourish our belly to experience optimal health, immunity and wellbeing. The Beauty Chef’s Immune Food contains 80 percent of the RDI of Vitamin C, through the key ingredient acerola cherry, and 50 percent of the RDI of Vitamin D through organic shiitake mushroom.

 The Beauty Chef Immune Food on Spoon

What is The Beauty Chef Immune Food?

With a delightful banana-berry flavour, Immune Food is a pleasure to add into your diet! The newest The Beauty Chef product is an inner beauty support powder blend containing bio-fermented mushroom powder, zinc and vitamin to support (you guessed it) a healthy immune system.

Immune Food contains:

Bio-fermented mushroom blend:

Turkey tail and shiitake mushrooms grown in organic soil, that have been used for centuries in Chinese healing. Fermentation assists in addition of probiotics and postbiotics to support a healthy immune system.

Green banana Starch: 

A Low GI resistant starch as a prebiotic, which feeds the beneficial bacteria in the gut.


Our bodies can’t produce zinc, so we must obtain this mineral from our diet. Zinc is crucial for immune function, as well as healthy hair and nails.

Vitamin C:

A potent antioxidant, found in the blend from acerola cherry. Vitamin C supports a healthy immune system, protects from free radical damage and contributes to collagen formation.

Vitamin D:

Derived from shiitake mushroom and vital for a healthy immune system and immune response.

Organic Iodine-rich kelp:

From wild seaweeds to support healthy skin.

The Beauty Chef Immune Food Benefits

How do I incorporate Immune Food into my diet?

Immune Food is a great supplement to help your body if you experience recurrent colds or flus, or when you feel like your immunity needs a bit of a boost. The powder can be consumed daily. Simply mix 1 teaspoon (3g) in 100-150mL of water or favourite drink, or add into smoothies or yogurt. Immune Food can be taken at any time of the day.

The Beauty Chef Immune Food Product

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