The Beauty Chef: Get Glowing Skin - Beauty from the Inside Out with The Beauty Chef Bundles

Nothing encapsulates the message behind The Beauty Chef, quite like their trademark and philosophy: Beauty Begins in the Belly.

Have you heard of the gut-skin axis?

If you have inflamed, red, irritated or unhappy skin, it may be a good idea to give your body some internal support. The Gut-Skin Axis is a pathway that allows the gut and skin to communicate via the microbiome. It is said that what shows on your skin is a reflection of what is going on internally!

Some of the most common skin conditions that are linked with an imbalance in the gut are acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

Here at Soho, we’ve curated The Beauty Chef Bundles. Each bundle provides you with your favourite products to help your skin from within! The Beauty Chef bundles have been put together with your needs in mind.

Adaptogen 500ml & Immune Food 100g Bundle

The Beauty Chef Adaptogen and Immune Food

$90 SAVE $10!

Boost your immunity with this The Beauty Chef bundle. Immune Food mushroom powder contains zinc and vitamin C to assist the immune system when run down, as well as working with the body to promote general wellbeing. Adaptogen contains activated vitamins B6 and B12 for energy as well as adaptogenic herbs, ashwagandha and holy basil.

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Collagen 200ml & Immune Food 100g Bundle

$85 SAVE $15!

The Beauty Chef’s Collagen works internally to promote a radiant, plumped complexion. Collagen addresses fine lines, wrinkles, firmness and free radical damage, whilst also containing probiotics and papaya for gut health. Immune Food assists the immune system with key ingredients - mushrooms, vitamin C and zinc.

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Collagen, Antioxidant & Hydration 500ml Bundle

$110 SAVE $25!

Get glowing with this 3 pack of Inner Beauty Boosts! Collagen provides the body with a probiotic concentrate to increase the skin’s production of collagen. Antioxidant protects your skin and body from free radical damage and Hydration improves circulation and oxygenation of the blood! All three Inner Beauty Boosts support a healthy belly.

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Glow 150g & Collagen 500ml Bundle

$99 SAVE $10!

The Beauty Chef essentials. Glow nourishes your gut and improves your digestion, while Collagen provides your body with the building blocks it needs to create supple and plump skin, as well as probiotics for a healthy gut!

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Glow Inner Beauty Essential Three-pack Bundle

$170 SAVE $25!

For Glow lovers! The supercharged Inner Beauty Support is a daily beauty powder that promotes gut health and radiant skin. Simply mix 1 scoop with water or in your favourite smoothie/drink for digestion support.

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Gut Primer 200g and Glow 150g Bundle

$120 SAVE $24!

Get your gut right with the Gut Primer and Glow bundle. Gut Primer assists in soothing and repairing the gut lining, while Glow promotes gut health and healthy digestion.

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Immune Food 100g and Sleep 100g Bundle

$95 SAVE $15!

We all know that getting an amazing sleep is an important step in good gut health! Rest and recharge with the Immune Food and Sleep bundle. Sleep Inner Beauty powder promotes a restful sleep with the added benefit of anti-inflammatory turmeric. Immune Food gets to work in assisting with a healthy and active immune system.

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