Soho's Top picks from your 4-piece complimentary gift set!

If the change of season is inspiring you to switch up or add to your skincare routine, our complimentary 4-piece mini gift set is just the thing you need!

We've put together some of our favourite products in a number of different trial kits, to spice up your skincare routine. 

Keep scrolling to read about some of the many products you might receive in your complimentary gift set!

1. Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream

Dermalogica's Skin Smoothing Cream is one of the brand’s best-selling products. This lightweight moisturiser provides 48 hour hydration, leaving the skin feeling soft, plump and nourished - all while protecting against environmental stress. A perfect all-round moisturiser that can be used both morning and night.

2. ASAP Deluxe Facial Cloth

ASAP Deluxe Facial Cloth removes all makeup, product, and pollution simply, effectively and easily - with the added benefit of having a slightly exfoliating textured side! Suitable for all skin types and made from a biodegradable fabric that is also anti-bacterial. To use, simply dampen the cloth with water, then use with cleanser or scrub to remove makeup and impurities. Deluxe Facial Cloth can be put into the washing machine to clean.

3. Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Primer

Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Primer prepares and quenches the skin with hydration so that makeup glides on and lasts longer. The appearance of fine lines and pores are minimised. Simply apply a pea sized amount to the face using the fingers or a foundation brush.

This primer can also be mixed with your foundation and applied. A must-have in your makeup kit for an even and smooth base. 

4. Terra Tonics Elemental Cleanser

Terra Tonics Elemental Cleanser is a clay to foam formulation. An all natural product that offers your skin only active, potent ingredients. The blend of natural ingredients in Elemental Cleanser absorbs toxins, while also nourishing the skin. 

To use, simply add 1/2 tsp powder into your palm, and wet the other hand fully. Rub palms together until the product starts to lather. Massage all over face and neck. 

Elemental cleanser doubles as a natural makeup remover, leaving your skin looking and feeling fresh, smooth and rejuvenated.

5. Medik8 C-Tetra

Medik8 C-Tetra restores radiance and fights visible signs of ageing.

A super-light, daily vitamin C serum that provides antioxidant protection, restores radiance and fights visible signs of ageing. This is a ‘stable’ Vitamin-C product, meaning that potency will not degrade over time.

C-Tetra is also formulated with nourishing oils, making it the perfect brightening and rejuvenating addition to your skincare routine.

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