Natural Skincare That Delivers Results

With a multitude of ingredients out there in the wide world of skincare, that all claim to be the next best thing for our skin, it is hard to know who, and what, to turn to for our skincare routines and skin concerns. Along with the multitude of ingredients, comes an abundance of information on any given skincare product, at any given time. It can be confusing and overwhelming, to say the least.

It also seems that we, as customers, are getting skincare savvy. More and more people are becoming conscious about what they are putting onto their skin and are wanting to find the best fit for their skin type and skin concerns, not ruling out a natural approach.

If this is you, and you are considering a more natural approach to skincare, but you are afraid to make the break from the active ingredients you know and love, there is a solution to put your mind at ease.

Let us introduce you to Biologi.

Powerful, 100% active, water and plant-based serums that deliver real results, without the need of adding 101 products into your skincare routine – this means that just ONE or TWO serums, can do the job of the 20 that are in your skincare cupboard right now!

We get it, there is a certain magic that comes with completing your entire skincare routine. There is the cleansing, exfoliating, masks, serums, moisturisers, facial oils... the list goes on. It might be a lot to some, but to a skincare lover, it is crucial to their self-care routine.

Perhaps this makes you sceptical-

“How can a couple of products do everything I need them to?”

“One layer of skincare simply isn’t enough!”

… or is it? Is more, really “more”. Or is less, in fact, more? 

Who made the skincare rules that we have come to know, the gold-standard?

Biologi is revolutionising the skincare industry – one serum at a time. So, let us dive into Biologi, learn a bit about the brand, and maybe put some of your ‘natural and simplified skincare’ fears at ease.

First things first, what is Biologi?

A Background on Biologi Skincare

Biologi is the first brand in the world to completely transform the way we all think about skincare. Biologi serums are 100% active, water-based, undiluted, free from fragrance, contain zero synthetic activating agents, and made using Australian, locally sourced, native plants. The serums contain plant phyto-nutrients which have shown to be highly effective in nourishing and protecting the cells. Biologi Serums are all natural, clean cosmeceuticals.

How do I use Biologi Serums?

Biologi serums are simple and easy to use – cleanse, and then apply your serum of choice. As the range consists of 100% active products, it is unlikely that your skin has ever been exposed to products that are so active before! For this reason, it is important to allow your skin to adjust to Biologi, by introducing the serums gradually. Start by using them a couple of times during the first week, moving onto once per day in the PM for the next week and using AM and PM from there.

Apply Biologi serums as you would any other serum. However, ensure that your skin is dry – as the serums are water-based, you do not want to affect the potency of the product.

You do not have to add anything over your serum – and it is suggested that each serum is used on its own and is not layered with other Biologi serums.

So then… What can I use with Biologi?

It is recommended that Biologi serums are used on their own, or alongside other Biologi products. Alternate serums between days or the morning and evening. (e.g., You might want to use Bf during the day and Bd at night, every second day, and Bqk on the days in between).

You don’t need moisturiser? NO. Biologi serums can penetrate the epidermis to repair, restore, even and hydrate the skin. You can apply Rosehip Oil over your serums, if you feel you need an extra layer of moisture or protection.

Adding sunscreen, and a weekly exfoliation to your routine, is recommended.

What are the products in the Biologi range and what can they be used to treat? 

Bc Cleanser – Soapberry

A gentle foaming cleanser used to wash away dirt, pollutants, and impurities from the skin’s surface and to hydrate the skin naturally. Effective at removing traces of sunscreen, non-waterproof makeup, sebum, dust and dirt. Bc contains no synthetic fragrances or additives that can irritate the skin.

Best for: Deep cleaning, nourishing, antioxidant protection, anti-inflammatory, sensitive & problematic skin.

Bd Serum – Davidson Plum

This serum behaves like an AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid). It is helpful if your concerns are skin tone, lightening dark patches and cell turnover. It can also work as an acne treatment – by balancing oil production. 

Best for: acne treatment, anti-ageing, pigmentation, oily skin.

Bl Lip Serum - Blood red Finger Lime

Lip serum works to reduce redness, calm the skin, hydrate, cool, soothe, and leave the lips soft and supple.

Best for: dry lips, lips that need plumping and soothing. 

Bf Serum – Finger Lime

Bf contains a blend of fruit acids and vitamin C, from the active ingredient, Finger Lime. Perfect for sensitive, dry, and irritated skin, where a boost of hydration is needed. Bf is very high in stable Vitamin C and can be used on the body as well. If you’re not sure where to start on your Biologi journey, Bf is a good choice.

Best for: Hydration, sensitive skin, skin barrier, introducing Biologi into skincare routine.

Bk Eye Serum - Kakadu Plum

Bk Eye Serum contains high levels of stable Vitamin C. Bk helps to reduce dark circles, firm the skin, treat fine lines, promote collagen production, and generally reduce signs of ageing.

Best for: fine lines and wrinkles, dark under eyes, can be used on the full face if concerned with pigmentation, redness, anti-ageing.

Bqk Serum – Kakadu Plum & Quandong

A serum duo, Bqk is designed to specifically target uneven skin tone. Bqk helps to prevent the formation of pigmentation (melanogenesis) from occurring, whilst improving skin colour and clarity.

The morning serum contains Kakadu Plum, which is high in Vitamin C. Bqk morning serum promotes collagen production and increases skin elasticity, whilst fighting the signs of ageing.

The evening serum contains Australian native Quandong. A powerhouse of antioxidants. Helps to treat pigmentation, redness, uneven tone, and dehydration. 

Best for: Pigmentation and redness, evening skin tone, anti-ageing, scarring.

Br – Rosehip Oil

Biologi Rosehip Oil is organic and cold pressed. Being unrefined preserves valuable fats, proteins, and nutrients. Rosehip oil reduces blemishes and scarring while increasing internal hydration and supports healthy cell turnover.

Best for: Hydration, redness, scarring, blemished, anti-ageing. 

Bm Serum– Mountain Pepper Berry

Bm serum is antioxidant rich and is great for anti-ageing. Bm promotes collagen production, repairs barrier function, and increases hydration.

Best for: Anti-ageing, hydration, calming, protecting against free radical damage.

Making a natural change is as simple as Biologi! We hope that some of your questions surrounding Biologi have been cleared up. If you have any other concerns with trying Biologi, please let us know by contacting us via email, Instagram or Facebook.

Disclaimer: We always encourage our clients and customers to seek expert skin advice. This information has been provided as a guide only. Results may vary and skincare routines might need to be adjusted depending on the individual.