Keep your Complexion Bright Throughout the year with Vitamin C

Seasonal changes = skin changes. Autumn is here. While the season brings fall fashion, cooler weather, and cute colour palettes, Autumn can also bring dull and dehydrated skin.

Although entering Autumn might upset your complexion, If you’re feeling like your skin is dull, all you might need is a little boost to bring your skin back. Enter the skin saviour… Vitamin C! Vitamin C can give your skin the strength it needs to get through the cooler months, and will keep you glowing the whole time!

You see, keeping your skincare routine the same throughout the entire year is risky business! In summer, the focus is generally on supporting the skin in a lighter way. In the cooler months, we can take on a nourishing and protective approach to ensure our skin doesn’t suffer from the elements.

Remember, a change in your routine doesn’t have to be anything drastic. Simply a swap of products or an addition here or there. If you need a little inspiration, we have curated an entire collection dedicated to Autumn skincare. Browse hydrating and brightening products for Autumn here.

Autumn Skincare - Best products for Autumn

Vitamin C Serums for Glowing Skin:

Serums are, in our opinion, the most exciting addition to your skincare routine. Think of serums as the little shift workers that actually play a huge role in skin health. Vitamin C serums are notoriously great for brightening your complexion and providing very high antioxidant protection - free radicals, be gone! This means that your skin is protected from potential cell damage, fine lines and wrinkles are diminished and skin is all-round glowing!

Want to add a little C serum into your routine? Try Dermalogica Biolumin C.
Or, Spend $149 or more site-wide to receive a free mini Biolumin C gift set valued at $60.

Dermalogica Biolumin C Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C Moisturisers for Autumn:

Moisturisers are perhaps the easiest and most common skincare product. Simply pop the lotion or cream of choice on, generally as the last step in your skincare routine, and voilà! It’s as simple as that. The real benefit comes with the addition of skin-loving ingredients in your moisturiser, especially Vitamin C.

Take Medik8’s C-Tetra Cream for example. The product is basically their famous C-Tetra serum in a cream formulation. You can enjoy a silky day cream that has all the benefits of stable Vitamin C. The skin is protected from free radicals, while healthy collagen production is maintained and fine lines and wrinkles are minimised. Vitamin C simplified, but with the same results!

Medik8 C-Tetra Vitamin C Cream

Vitamin C Boosters to add to your routine:

Vitamin C boosters are on the rise, and for great reason! Nothing is quite as cool as being able to add 100% pure Vitamin C powder into your favourite product for added anti-ageing, firming and brightening benefits! Simply add the recommended dose into your favourite product for double the benefits and double the fun!

Sounds exciting? Try Cosmedix Pure C Vitamin C mixing crystals.

Cosmedix Pure C Vitamin C Crystals

So, what do you think? Are you ready to add some Vitamin C into your skincare routine? Don’t forget to chat with us if you have any concerns in choosing a product that is just right for you.

Happy Autumn, skincare lovers!