Dry Skin - How Can I Nourish Dry Skin this Winter?

There’s nothing quite like that cosy, hot-chocolate-filled, winter feeling. What’s not-so-cosy is the, sometimes problematic, winter skin. When you’re faced with the dry skin symptoms such as itchiness, redness and/or flaky skin that seem to accompany the cooler months.

Contrary to popular belief, the winter months and dry skin don't have to go hand-in-hand. With some simple adjustments to your skincare routine, your skin can stay nourished, healthy and glowing all year round!

So, you're wondering how you can treat dry skin in winter? Working your way back to comfortable skin simply takes some time and attention, but we're here to help! Keep scrolling down to discover a few of our go-to winter skin saving tips! 

1. Create a 'dry skincare routine' in winter - Swap some products. 

Simply swapping your night cream or day lotion to a heavier moisturiser or facial oil might be the saviour that your skin needs this winter. Winter often means indoor heaters, and outdoor dry air. A heavier, and more restorative product is going to provide enough nourishment and a protective barrier against the elements. Biologi Br is pure and organic Rosehip Oil- a great product to prevent dry skin in winter naturally.

Biologi Rosehop Oil

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2. In winter, don't ditch the SPF!

Just because the sun might not be shining as it normally does in summer, doesn’t mean that the harmful rays aren’t there. Even if you think you don’t need it, SPF should be a non-negotiable ALL. YEAR. ROUND. A lot of facial sunscreens also include hydrating and moisturising ingredients, so it’s a win-win!

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3. Avoid using harsh cleansers or scrubs on winter skin

Although it is wise to keep up with a regular exfoliating routine, our skin can become a little more sensitive when it’s dry. It might be a good idea to either reduce the number of times you are exfoliating per week, or to use a more subtle and gentle exfoliating product, so that your skin doesn't become stripped and annoyed!

Harsh cleansers can have the same effect and strip the skin of natural oils. AHA’s and BHA’s are great for refining and clearing the skin, however, sometimes can aggravate skin that is dry.

Opt for a gentle cleanser and exfoliant to ensure that the skin is nourished and supported during winter.

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4. Take shorter, or NOT AS HOT showers during winter

This is probably not a tip that you wanted to hear, but water is notorious for drawing the moisture out of, stripping and dehydrating the skin. We aren’t saying you have to suffer through a cold shower while it’s freezing outside, but maybe just adjust the temperature to warm, instead of steaming hot. (Actually, this tip should be followed all year). 

5. At home facials for dry skin in winter

Cosy winter nights in are the perfect excuse to sit with a cup of tea and ‘bask in a mask’. Winter is a great time to incorporate masks into your skincare rituals, as this gives the skin some extra attention and skin-nourishing ingredients.

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6. Dry skin on your legs? Don’t neglect the rest of your body!

The last thing you might feel like doing is standing in the cold while you apply your moisturiser all over your body. However, the skin on our body is just as important as the skin on our face! Dry skin on the legs is a common problem throughout the year, and especially during winter. A body care routine will leave your skin less susceptible to itching and redness that comes with dry skin.

Dermalogica have a great range of body products to incorporate into your skincare routine. 

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8. Switch your foundation to something a little more hydrating

There are a number of foundations on the market that provide amazing coverage, while also offering multiple skin benefits. For example: Jane Iredale Liquid minerals. This mineral foundation makes use of pigment spheres encapsulated in a hydrating serum; making it, in our opinion, one of the best foundations for dry skin. Magic!

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