Biologi By Skin Concern- Products Suited to Your Skin Concern

Welcome to the world of unparalleled skincare that is Biologi.

Biologi serums are purely plant based, and the brand itself is taking the skincare industry by storm, providing incredible results whilst challenging conventional skincare.

The natural formulations are extracted from Australian plants. Each plant extract contains valuable photo-actives which benefit the skin in a myriad of different ways.

Whether your skin concern is that of acne or oily skin, pigmentation, anti-ageing, sensitive or dehydrated skin, Biologi have a serum that will be the perfect fit for you.

When using Biologi serums, it’s important to remember a few things:

Introduce Serums Gradually

As Biologi serums are extremely active, and it’s unlikely that you will have used a product with such potency before, it’s important to allow your skin time to get used to your Biologi products. Do this by applying your serums gradually. Work your way up from once per day, every second day, to every day - morning and night.

Don’t layer serums

A concept that seems a bit strange to skincare lovers, and something that is definitely hard to get used to that Biologi does not recommend layering serums with other serums or moisturisers. Alternating between morning and night and days for different serums is the ideal way to use Biologi.

Always apply to dry skin

The ingredients in Biologi serums are extremely concentrated, with the product containing absolutely no water content. It’s important to apply the serums to dry skin so that the product concentration is not watered down.

Now that you know how to use Biologi, read on to find out which Biologi Serum might be best for you, keeping in mind that all of the serums are extremely versatile and each serum can combat a number of different skin concerns.

Biologi Serums for Acne/Impaired Skin Barrier

Bf Serum

If you’re suffering from acne or an impaired skin barrier, where your skin feels irritated, inflamed and reactive, Bf serum should be your first serum of choice. This beautifully hydrating serum contains Finger Lime fruit extract to hydrate, calm and soothe the skin. It is suitable for any skin type, including babies.

Biologi Bf Serum

Shop Biologi Bf here.

Bd Serum

Bd Serum Increases natural skin glow, hydration, skin strength and creates a protective barrier against free radicals and environmental factors. Bd contains pure Davidson Plum Fruit Extract, which has a multitude of benefits including reducing the appearance of wrinkles, antioxidant, anti-redness and anti-inflammatory. Bd is a great serum for promoting cell renewal.

Bd Serum Biologi

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Biologi Serums for Pigmentation

Bqk Serum

Bqk was designed and formulated to combat pigmentation and promote skin radiance. Bqk is a set of two serums that work as a duo - an evening serum and night serum. The Phyto-actives found inside the pure Kakadu Plum extract include Vitamin C, Tryptophan, providing potent anti-ageing, Rutin which is an anti-inflammatory, and Chlorogenic Acid for protection against UV radiantion and free radicals.

Biologi Bqk serum

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For a powerhouse duo - try alternating Bd Serum and Bqk, Day 1 - Bd morning and night, Day 2- BQK morning and night alternating between serums.

Dry Skin

Bf Serum

Harness the benefits of Bf listed above and so much more with Bf serum for dry and dehydrated skin.

Br Rosehip Oil

For added nourishment at night, apply Br Rosehip Oil. This pure, organic, nourishing oil contains fatty acids, and Vitamins A & E. The skin is hydrated, with a protective barrier. Br is useful for anti-ageing, improving texture, dryness, hydration and antioxidant protection.

Biologi Br

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Anti-Ageing/Premature Ageing

Bm Serum

For anti-ageing, don’t look past Bm serum! Containing pure Mountain Pepper Berry, Bm is the serum for anti-ageing or those concerned with premature-ageing. Potent and active but suitable for sensitive skins, Bm helps to improve the appearance of wrinkles, refines the skin and reduces DNA damage. The phyto-actives found in Mountain Pepper Berry assist in increasing collagen production, reducing the appearance of sunspots, protecting from free radical damage and reducing redness.

Biologi Bm Anti ageing serum

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