Beauty Begins in the Belly / The Beauty Chef - Cleanse

Packed with more than 35 nutrient rich ingredients including enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics, this bio-fermented super greens powder is designed to support the body's natural cleansing process, helping you to keep your belly healthy. 

When & How To Take Cleanse

  • 2 teaspoons daily for one month. Do this every few months or twice a year when needed.
  • Or half the serving size of CLEANSE, 1 teaspoon in your favourite cold/room-temperature drink every day for a daily greens supplement. 
  • We suggest starting slow! Half a teaspoon and build up daily over a week or so.
  • Mix into a green smoothie. The Beauty Chef favourite: nut milk, frozen banana, cinnamon & CLEANSE Inner Beauty Essential.

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