Inika Organic is a natural, mineral, and vegan brand that is beneficial for your skin. When wearing makeup every day it is essential that your products are free from harsh chemicals and nasty ingredients. These are my top five Inika Organic makeup recommendations for an everyday natural look. Ideal for all ages and skin types. 


Organic Natural Makeup for Everyday Use


INIKA Organic Natural Makeup for Everyday

  1. Prep skin with Inika Certified Organic Pure Primer with Hyaluronic Acid
    The best way to achieve flawless makeup is prepping your skin correctly. The Inika Pure Primer with Hyaluronic Acid will help your makeup last longer, look smoother, and hydrate your skin throughout the day.
  2. Conceal eye area and blemishes with Inika Certified Organic Full Coverage Concealer
    Use concealer on any areas you feel that needs coverage. I use concealer under my eyes, on my eyelids, and up toward my brow bone, around my nose and on any blemishes. As a result this creates an illusion of having makeup on, without the full face of liquid foundation.
  3. Add a pop of colour with Inika Certified Organic Lip & Cheek Cream
    Warm the Lip and Cheek cream with your fingers. Gently tap product onto the apples of your cheeks. You can use this product under your mineral powder foundation and this will give you a natural blush finish. Apply Lip and Cheek cream on top of your mineral powder foundation to intensify the blush but don’t forget to apply to your lips!
  4. Sculpt and highlight your face with Inika Baked Mineral Contour Duo
    To sculpt your face, apply bronzer to the hollows of your face - cheekbones, temples, jawline and eye socket/crease line. Apply highlighter on the high points of your face – above cheeks, brow bone, bridge of nose, cupids bow and inner corners of eyes.
  5. Finish your base with Inika Loose Mineral Foundation
    For a fuller coverage, apply Inika loose mineral foundation all over face in circular motions. Use a swivel movement for more coverage.

Finish off your look with a nice thick coat of Inika Bold Lash Vegan Mascara. If you find your mascara smudges easily, use a little powder foundation on and under your eyes before applying your mascara. This will ensure no “wet” product around the eyes that encourages mascara smudging.


If you need colour matching for any Inika Organic products, this can be done at our clinic. See our website.