Treat teen breakouts with Dermalogica Clear Start FlashFoliant. If you’re in your teens or early 20s you are sure to have been bothered by breakouts.

Whether it be the occasional spot or consistent congestion, breakouts are a common and frustrating skin challenge. Both changes in oil production and environmental factors like air pollution are contributors to skin breakouts. And a fast-paced lifestyle means both these factors have even more effect on the skin.


There is one key step in your skincare routine that is vital for clearing breakouts and keeping them away – exfoliation. But when you are living life in the fast lane, fussy skincare products can get in the way of a good time. You need a quick and easy solution for keeping on top of breakouts.





Dermalogica Clear Start FlashFoliant is perfect for those on the go!


Dermalogica Clear Start FlashFoliant uses chemical exfoliating ingredients to decongest, clear and smooth the skin. Chemical exfoliants are ideal for tackling breakouts, as they gently unclog pores, without aggravating breakouts in the way physical scrubs can.


Part of the Clear Start system of products, Dermalogica FlashFoliant is a fast-acting, leave on, foaming exfoliant. This daily solution has been specially designed to target, clear and prevent breakouts, as well as impart a healthy glow.


There’s no need to rinse, you squeeze, foam and glow!


More on what’s Inside the Dermalogica Clear Start FlashFoliant:


  • Salicylic Acid: A Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) that helps clear impacted pores and promote a breakout free skin.
  • Grape Extract: A rich source of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) that smoothes and evens skin tone.
  • Tangerine Peel Extract: Brightens the skin to give a healthy glow.


FlashFoliant provides a solution to clearing breakouts every day. To use, turn the bottle upside down and dispense the foam into your hands. Apply onto a clean skin and once absorbed, follow with your moisturiser. Exfoliation can make the skin more sensitive to the sun, so don’t forget your SPF during the daytime. FlashFoliant is designed to be used once a day.


For extra clearing power, pair Dermalogica FlashFoliant with the Breakout Clearing Booster, also from the ClearStart range. This gentle, but fast-acting spot treatment is excellent for targeting stubborn breakouts, pop it onto your breakouts after using the FlashFoliant.


If you require any further advice on any of the Dermalogica range, our specialist skin experts at Soho Skin Rejuvenation Westfield Chermside are available for consultations Tuesday to Saturday each week.