Reward Points

Get $5 in rewards points just for first time registration & signing up to our newsletter!

* Sign up HERE before you checkout for the first time.

Earn reward points for every dollar you spend (ex GST). 

$1.00 spend = 1 reward point

-    200 points when you complete first time registration. Sign up HERE.

-    300 points when you sign up for the newsletter during first time registration. Sign up HERE.

-    200 points when you place your first order.

-    100 points for every approved product review.

Simply apply your accrued reward points to your cart during the checkout process.

Every 100 rewards points can be redeemed for $1.00 from your purchase.

100 reward points = $1.00

Reward Points Terms & Conditions

-    100 points = $1.00 (ex GST)

-    To view your Rewards Points balance, please login and click on the "View Reward Points" 

     option in you account information.

   Product reviews must be approved by a member of Soho Skin Management for Reward Points to 
     be earned.  There is a limit to the number of Product Reviews that can be submitted and is at the 
     discretion of Soho Skin Management.

-    Reward Points are only earned and redeemed online from
    Reward Points earned for online product purchases excludes any delivery charges.

-    Soho Skin Management reserves the right to adjust any Reward Points balance where the
     points accrued have not been earned in the intended manner.

-    Reward points are capped at 50,000 per user.

   Reward points expire in 365 days.