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Pelactiv Hydra Daily Defense 50ml

A light nourishing cream formulated with liposomes works to improve skin hydration and prevent moist..

$72.00 $54.00 Ex Tax: $49.09

Pelactiv Nightly Rejuvenator 50ml

A luxurious, nourishing moisturising night cream with Lactic Acid works on your skin while you sleep..

$85.00 $63.75 Ex Tax: $57.95

Pelactiv Oil-Free Balancing Serum 50ml

This light moisturising serum works to rebalance excessive oil flow, reducing breakouts and redness,..

$72.00 $54.00 Ex Tax: $49.09

Pelactiv Precious Oils 15ml

A pure vitamin enriched nourishing oil that works to soften, condition, nourish and repair the skin...

$45.00 $33.75 Ex Tax: $30.68