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Inika Baked Mineral Bronzer - Sunkissed 8g

Baked on a terracotta tile in Tuscany, Italy, our Baked Mineral Bronzer adds a beautiful sun-kissed ..

$65.00 Ex Tax: $59.09

Inika Certified Organic Lip and Cheek Cream

Inika's Certified Organic Lip & Cheek Cream is a versatile flush of colour for your face. Dab on..

$39.00 Ex Tax: $35.45

Inika Light Reflect Highlighting Creme Cream

Winner - Best New Illuminator - Glosscars Awards.Inika Light Reflecting Highlighting Crème (8g) is a..

$39.00 Ex Tax: $35.45

Inika Loose Mineral Blush

Inika Loose Mineral Blush gives you warm, luscious colours delivered straight from nature. No nasty ..

$45.00 Ex Tax: $40.91

Inika Loose Mineral Bronzer

Inika Loose Mineral Bronzer adds a beautiful sun-kissed glow to your skin that looks and feels natur..

$45.00 Ex Tax: $40.91

Inika Mineral Blush Blusher in the Puff Pot

When you sweep our mineral blusher across the apples of your cheeks, you just know you'll get compli..

$45.00 $40.50 Ex Tax: $36.82

INIKA Mineral Bronzer - Sunseeker

  Sunseeker is the darkest bronzer for very tanned skins and women of colour. INIKA Mineral ..

$45.00 $22.50 Ex Tax: $20.45