Genetic Aging - Are you a Melter or a Creper?

Posted by Maree Andersen 12/04/2018 1 Comment(s)

Have you ever wondered why it is that some people appear to age better than others?  This is not always because of their lifestyle, diet, stress and sleep patterns.  Often it is because of their genes. This process is called intrinsic aging.

Intrinsic aging is caused by the genetic factors that govern how your skin ages. Extrinsic aging is governed by the external factors that cause your skin to age, this process is often referred to as photo-aging.  I like to but intrinsic aging into 2 groups – Melters & Crepers.

Melters show the signs of aging with the appearance of jowls and sagging.  Generally they have very few wrinkles but have a tired, drooping & sullen appearance. A depletion of healthy elastin and a sluggish lymph system is the usual cause for this condition.

Crepers are the people who present with wrinkles rather early with wrinkles becoming quite deep by their mid 40’s.  These individuals generally have a tendency to not show signs of sagging but their skin can be rather dry, dehydrated and dull looking in appearance.  A depletion of healthy collagen & Natural Moisturising Factor is the main cause for this condition.

There is a third group of unlucky people who have both aging indicators present and this is usually exacerbated by poor lifestyle choices early in life, eg over exposure to sun, smoking and a poor diet.

So how do you know which group you fall into?  That is where your facialist can help.  As skincare professionals we are trained to pick up on these signs early, so all should be having regular facial treatments from their early 20’s in Australia to control the external and internal factors that govern how your skin ages.

Here are some of my favourite products to help you defend against Genetic Aging:

Societe iComplete Kit – The 2 products in this kit are essential for supporting and prolonging the effects of Cosmetic Injectables.  For some clients they are your prevention from the need to use Cosmetic Injectables.  The Intensive Firming Complex will relax the muscles that cause expression lines and encourage a plump and firm complexion.  The Skin Hydration Complex will sooth redness, increase hydration and support the production of collagen and elastin.  Ideal for either Melters or Crepers.

Aspect Extreme C – This anti-aging wonder has a multi faceted effect on skin aging.  Botox mimicking peptides relax muscles that cause expression lines, whilst Vitamin C encourages collagen production as well as strengthening capillary walls against breakage & also provides protection against photo-aging.

Dermalogica Super Rich Repair – The Crepers skin savior.  This cream is rich with oligo-peptides to smooth, plump and firm the skin.  With extended use over a period of months it will reveal a more youthful appearance on both face and neck.

Hydropeptide Anti-Wrinkle Polish & Plump 2 Step Peel System – If getting to the clinic for a peel every month is out of the question for you, this is the next best thing.  This scrub and peel treatment will remove all that skin dulling, dry and pigmented surface skin to allow your anti aging serums to penetrate deeply to work where they need to for firm, plump skin.

The Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty Powder – The best way to effect long term improvement of the skin is starting from the beginning, a healthy digestive system.  Topical skincare will only work so far, in order to reach optimal results you need to address nourishment of the anti aging processes with concentrated skin feeding nutrients.  The Glow Powder addresses all your gut needs, pre & pro biotics, EFA’s & antioxidants to feed your skin from within.

It is never too late to turn back the hands of time.  Book a Skin Health Assessment with one of our expert skin therapists to find out what your specific skin needs are to have fresh and youthful looking skin.

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