Want Youthful Skin? Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

Posted by Maree Andersen 06/06/2018 0 Comment(s)

Having consulted and corrected skin conditions for over 20 years now I can tell you from experience that the one product neglected the most (which is the most important) is an exfoliant.

Exfoliants come in many different forms such as – Scrubs, AHA Gels, Gommages, Peel Pads, Home Peels and Masks. When used correctly exfoliants will turn back the clock on aging and prevent premature aging, the key is using the right exfoliant to suit you skin type.

Here are some of my favorite exfoliants broken up into individual skin types.  Please be aware this is a general guide, some random skin conditions that can afflict all skin types may mean your chosen exfoliant needs to be adjusted for a while to allow the skin condition, eg reactivity, to balance out before you can return to the usual exfoliant.  As always it is best to consult your trusted facialist prior to embarking on a new skincare regime.

Oily Skin
Oily skin is evident by enlarged pores and greasy or shiny skin within a few hours of cleansing.  This skin type requires deep pore exfoliation as well as surface exfoliation. Chemical AHA/BHA exfoliants are best for oily skins.

Combination Skin
A combination skin show signs of an oily T Zone and has tight, dry skin on the outer edges of the face. This skin type can use chemical and manual exfoliants to remove surface flaky skin as well as clearing out the pores.

Dry Skin
A dry skin shows very little evidence of oil flow or noticable pores, flaky patches of skin with fine lines is common for a dry skin.  A combination of enzymatic peels & leave on exfoliants are best to dissolve multiple layers of dry dead skin cells.

Pigmented Skin
All skin types can have pigmentation, chemical and leave on exfoliants are best for pigmentation.

Acne Skin
Acne is a oil induced condition which requires gentle daily exfoliation to control oil flow, pore congestion and bacteria levels.  Gentle pore cleansing chemical exfoliants and leave on exfoliants are best.

Having a monthly professional peel for healthy skin maintenance and a fortnightly peel for Acne skin correction is best to ensure your skin stays clear, smooth and ready to accept your serums and moisturisers.  Look at exfoliation as a protection of your investment when it comes to skincare and anti aging.

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