6 Steps To Rockin A Fabulous Summer Beach Body

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6 Steps To Rockin A Fabulous Summer Beach Body

Summer is upon us and the race is on to have your best ever beach body ready.  Winter usually isn’t kind to our bodies and most of us have a little work to do to feel confident on the beach.

So what little changes can you start making right now to ensure you look your best this summer?  Here is my pick of must do summer body essentials.

  1. Drink 2 litres of water every day

I may sound like a broken record but the consumption of fresh water is essential for flushing away the leftover accumulations of winter comfort eating (and drinking).Add lemon juice or The Beauty Chef Elixir of choice for a tastier and more detoxifying hydration fix.I love The Hydration Elixir, in sparkling water is tastes like Malibu and soda.

  1. Start a digestion detox

I can hear you asking, what is a digestion detox?Well this is an overhaul of the good and bad bacteria in your digestive tract. You see it is impossible for your skin to be clear and toned if your digestive tract is slow, sluggish and full of bad bacteria.The Beauty Chef Cleanse is an easy to use super food and probiotic powder you can sprinkle on your cereal or add to your smoothie every morning.You will start to see and feel the difference in your skin and energy levels in as little as 2 – 4 weeks.Even quicker results if you strip back all the processed foods and only eat clean, raw and natural foods straight from mother earth.

  1. Increase your daily activity

Walking, jogging and swimming are great ways to flush out toxins and shed a few kgs of weight you may have accumulated over the winter season.Try 30 mins 4 – 5 times a week, picking up the pace as you gain some physical and cardio-vascular strength.

  1. Book yourself in for a course of spa body treatments

The most under-appreciated salon treatments are the ones that are the best for you.  Not only do spa body massages and full body wraps detoxify and increase your circulation to feed your skin, they are essential for relieving stress which is a major contributor to depression, sluggishness and fatigue. Spa body treatments are not a treat!!! They are skin, mind and body health essentials. (although it really does feel like a treat, you deserve it )

  1. Have some fat cavitation treatments too

With the stresses of family and work becoming ever more increasing it can at times be difficult to be on the ball with eating, drinking and exercising.If you have some stubborn pouches of cellulite and fat that just won’t shift, fat cavitation will break up the cellulite and melt the fat to give you a more streamline and toned figure.Most need 6 – 12 treatments depending on the severity of the cellulite and the size of the area needing treatment.

  1. Scrub and moisturise your body daily

This is a simple way to tone, deflate and breathe life and colour back into dry winter ravaged skin.Dermalogica and ASAP have some great body products that deliver fantastic results without breaking the bank.And always apply your moisturiser straight from finishing in the shower, you will use less product and the active ingredients will penetrate deeper to work where they are needed most.

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