Protect Against Blue Light Damage with Payot Blue Techni Liss.

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In our modern day lives there wouldn’t be too many of us who don’t use or sit in front of screens daily. Protect Against Blue Light Damage with Payot Blue Techni Liss.

Blue Light damage from devices is a growing concern for a lot of people. Photo-aging, aging from exposure to light, can cause serious skin damage. Some of the damage you might experience from long-term exposure is pigmentation, inflammation and weakening of the skin’s surface to name a few.


Why Should You Protect Against Blue Light Damage with Payot Blue Techni Liss?

  • First chrono-active smoothing skincare range
  • Restores balance to your skin
  • Smoothes and corrects fine lines and wrinkles
  • Protects the skin against blue light damage
  • Resynchronises the skin’s biorhythms
  • Plumps and hydrates the skin with essential moisture



The Payot Techni Liss range consists of 5 products that work together to protect and correct your skin.


Payot Blue Techni Liss Concentrate: A smoothing and plumping serum with anti-blue light shield absorbs the free radicles released from the blue light of screens. It intensely plumps and hydrates the skin, fills in wrinkles, and smoothes fine lines. To be used in the morning before applying your day cream.


Payot Techni Liss Jour: This Smoothing day cream with an anti-blue light shield works to protect your skin all day long from damage. It also smoothes wrinkles and fine lines and softens the muscles in your face to allow them to rest and help reduce expression lines. Apply every morning to the entire face and neck.


Payot Techni Liss Nuit: This blue melt-in night balm oil is activated in the darkness. It helps to intensely smooth fine lines and wrinkles. It works to renew and deeply hydrate the skin overnight. Use every evening on the entire face and neck.


Payot Blue Techni Liss Regard: A smoothing cream-gel made especially for the delicate eye area.  It smoothes fine lines and wrinkles around the eye and protects against blue-light damage. It plumps and hydrates as well as correcting dark circles and puffiness. Use each morning.


Payot Blue Techni Liss Weekend: An indulgent resurfacing weekend treat for your skin. With Glycolic Acid and Blue light shield infused into this fabric mask to resurface and detoxify your skin. Use once a week for best results.



If you require any further advice on any of the Payot range, our specialist skin experts at Soho Skin Rejuvenation Westfield Chermside are available for consultations Monday to Saturday each week.


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