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Payot CC Cream for sensitive skin is my go-to product. As a sufferer of reactive and rosacea prone skin I can sympathize with the community of sensitive skin types. Finding a CC cream for sensitive skin can be really difficult.


My skin may be clear of acne but may not be clear of red, blotchy patches.......UGHHHHH! So what can a girl do when she is plagued with redness? Payot Creme No.2 CC Cream.


Even if you have a specific range of products you stick to that works with your skin, you still need a sunscreen.  And as anyone with reactive skin can tell you, not all sunscreens are made for sensitive skin.



Why choose Payot CC Cream for sensitive skin?


The Payot CC Cream for sensitive skin is not designed to hydrate, protect and tint your skin like other CC creams. It is actually designed to calm, hydrate, reduce redness, correct blotchiness and provide UV protection to your skin. And if you are like me most SPF 50 sunscreens irritate your eyes. This one doesn't, Yay. So look at this cream as your last step in the morning to create an even canvas for your mineral makeup. Notice I used mineral makeup here..... If you have sensitive skin converting to minerals is a must! Stop using cheap chemical based makeup, it is making your skin worse.


What makes this CC Cream so effective for sensitive skin?


This gentle skin correcting CC Cream boasts some high quality ingredients.

Centella Asiatica Extract - Soothes, calms & reduces redness

Hyaluronic Acid - Intensely hydrates and locks in moisture

SPF50+ filters - Protect the skin from UVA and UVB damage

Encapsulated Pigments - adjust and conceal redness to perfect skin tone, colour and healthy radiance.


How to use Payot Creme No.2 CC Cream for sensitive skin.


Oily Skin - Apply to clean skin after your treatment serum

Combination Skin - Apply to clean skin after your serum and treatment cream

Dry Skin - Apply to clean skin after your serum, hydration lotion and treatment cream



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01/11/2019, 05:36:58 AM

Hello I have a very sensitive chin area. I have been diagnosed with Roseacea. I'm currently trying to find a product which will work on my skin. Is it possible to send me a sample of the Payot CC creame? Thank you Amber

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