Dermalogica Brightening Serum to Help Say Good-bye to Dull Skin

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We often get our clients asking about how they can reduce their pigmentation and brighten the skin. Biolumin-C, a Dermalogica Brightening serum might just be the answer you have been searching for. After the successful launch of this Dermalogica Brightening Serum last year it has only grown in popularity with our clients. Our customers can't get enough of it.


Vitamin C has always been my go-to product for fighting the war against pigmentation. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which plays an important role in combating dark spots and pigmentation and assists in brightening the skin. Its also has amazing anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. Vitamin C should be one of your most valued serums for a healthy, glowing complexion. 



Why we LOVE Dermalogica Biolumin-C:

  • Helps to prevent and correct free radical damage
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Exfoliates and reduces the appearance of unbalanced pigmentation


How this is all accomplished is through these 4 key ingredients:

  • Vitamin C Complex - A powerful antioxidant to help brighten and firm the skin.
  • Lactic Acid - Assists in cell turnover to revile a brighter, more hydrated skin.
  • Sophora Japonica Flower Extract - Calms the skin and helps combat oxidative stress.
  • Salvia Hispanica Oil (Chia Seeds) - Hydrates the skin and helps to prevent free radicle damage.


This serum is a beautiful addition to everyone’s beauty routine. It has a light texture (not tacky or sticky) and is easily absorbed into the skin. It sits well under makeup and can be used in addition to your other serums. To see the full benefits of this serum we suggest using it both in the morning and at night.


This product has quickly become a favourite with our clients and our staff! Due to the popularity of the Biolumin-C Dermalogica have just released a new bigger size. It’s now also available in a bigger 59ml bottle.


As with all home care products maximum results are achieved with regular skin treatments performed by your professional skin therapist. If you are located in Brisbane check out our clinic's website for more information or to book a consultation.



2 Comment(s)

Kathryn Tomlinson:
14/08/2019, 08:06:06 PM

Hi do you have a product that will help Rosacea on the face of my son who is 30. The doctors have prescribed him creams but they don’t seem to work . Thank you Kathy

Hazel Smith:
03/03/2020, 05:19:31 PM,

Thanks to this website for bringing comprehensive information for the audience and adding new things to the internet. I hope to get more of this line of information in the future as well.

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