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Cleanse and soothe with Eminence Organics. Natural, organic, ethical and sustainable are all words we hear a lot about when it comes to skincare today. With good cause, as so many people are aware of the damage that synthetic and toxic chemical ingredients can have on their well being. Eminence Organics Wild Flower Cleansing Balm and Ultralight Body Oil are changing the way we think about our skincare.



What makes Eminence Organics Wild Flower Collection so good?


The Eminence Wild Flower Cleansing Balm is such a versatile cleanser.  It comes out of the tube as a gel balm, dissolves into a cleansing oil and works like a purifying milk. The result is a complexion well cleansed of all dirt, debris and makeup with a nourished and hydrated feel.

The Eminence Wild Flower Ultralight Oil is your skin, hair and nail conditioner.  Increasing strength, nourishment, hydration and suppleness. Cleanse and soothe with Eminence Organics Wild Flower Cleansing Balm and Ultralight Oil for skin, hair and nails. The perfect, 1 product to do all, solution for busy mums and no fuss skincare users.


Who can use Eminence Organics Wild Flower Cleansing Balm?


The Eminence Wild Flower Cleansing Balm is for Everyone. On one hand, your teenager can use it as a gentle and effect purifying cleanser. Alternatively, Mum and Dad can use it as an effective cleanser, shaving balm and skin hydration prepping solution. Win Win all round!


What benefits do you get from the Eminence Wild Flower Ultralight Oil?


This Ultralight, dry oil is a great addition to any skincare regime.  Collectively, it nourishes, hydrates and transform the skin on your face and body with regular daily use. Soothing and calming, it will strengthen your skin post shaving or waxing. And the benefits for your hair and nails are amazing.  For instance, regular use will strengthen your nails and hair whilst controlling frizz and split ends.


If you require more specific skincare advice, our specialist skin experts at Soho Skin Rejuvenation , Westfield Chermside, are available for consultations over the phone or in spa from Monday to Saturday each week.


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