7 Antioxidants That Keep Your Skin Healthy, Young & Clear

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I love antioxidants in skincare.  The ultimate anti-aging weapons. 

Prevention of aging and turning back the clock on aging are the 2 biggest concerns I hear from my clients.  And with good reason, the modern-day lifestyle is riddled with premature aging gremlins. 

Our sun loving ways exposes us to harsh and severely damaging UV rays.  Our busy tech filled lives puts us in contact with harmful, free radical causing radiation as well as indoor air conditioning units that circulate stale, polluted air.  Our food, makeup, skin & hair care are laced with toxic chemicals.  Is it any wonder we are so concerned with prolonging our health and youth?

Antioxidants are the super free radical scavengers that save the day and turn back the clock on skin aging and damage.  Here are my top picks on skincare ingredients and professional skin treatments to look out for to help you preserve your youth and even take back the years these damaging environmental conditions have taken away from you.


Vitamin A – Also known as Retinol, Retinyl Palmitate and Retinaldehyde. These, skin resurfacing and oil controlling antioxidants, are essential for clearing up acne, repairing scar tissue and smoothing out rough skin texture.  Only use Retinols at night though as they will cause your skin to be sun sensitive if you use them during the day.  And always ease your skin into the use of vitamin A with using it every 2nd or 3rd night for 4 weeks initially. 

Professional Retinol Treatment

Cosmedix Timeless Peel – For sun-damage, scarring, wrinkles and pigmentation

Cosmedix Purity Peel – For acne, congestion and excessively oily skin.

Vitamin B – Niacinamide.  B3 is a powerful immune system balancer and skin brightening agent.  redness, pigmentation, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne all benefit greatly from the strengthening & balancing effect Vitamin B has on these skin conditions.

Professional Niacinamide Treatment

Dermalogica IonActive Treatment – Customizable for all skin types and fantastic for pigmentation and redness.

Vitamin C – A common skincare ingredient that has both product preservative functions as well as sun damage repair, skin brightening and collagen stimulation effects.  Any essential day time skin ingredient for anyone who works in the sun for extended periods of time each day.

Professional Vitamin C Treatment

Cosmedix Blueberry Smoothie Peel – For congested, pigmented and rough textured skin.

Vitamin E – An oil based antioxidant that also has a preservative effect in skincare. It’s biggest benefit though is its ability to thicken fine, fragile skin and repair scar tissue.  Ideal for any sensitive, reactive & dry skin condition.

Green Tea – One of the most popular & powerful natural antioxidants on the market as the potent levels of catechins help to repair damaged skin, smooth wrinkles and reduce inflammation.

Coffeeberry – This is one of my favourites.  Even the most reactive skin can tolerate this antioxidant and its power to reduce redness and pigment in the skin is amazing.  It even prevents the skin from sun damage.  If you want to prevent sun related pigmentation this is a vital skincare ingredient to have in both your day time skincare and mineral makeup.  Priori Mineral Foundation is the best.

Professional Idebenone Treatment

Priori Idebenone Peel – For sun damage, wrinkles, pigmentation, scarring & lax skin.


The Skin Edit – Antioxidants


ASAP Super A Serum – A great first step into night time Retinol skincare.  Ideal for acne.

Aspect Extreme C – Brighten and firm with Botox mimicking peptides to relax expressional lines too.

Aspect Extreme B17 – The most potent anti-aging & immunity building B vitamins for healthy skin.

Cosmedix Pure C mixing crystal – Pure vitamin C to mix with your Cosmedix Reflect or Hydrate + for optimum AM free radical damage prevention.

Dermalogica Super Rich Repair – Multi vitamin A, C & E skin firming & strengthening for youthful skin.

Priori Idebenone Moisturising Facial Cream – A super antioxidant skin firming and brightening cream. Not too heavy either.

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