Reveal a fresher looking complexion with Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel

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I do love an at home peel treatment, and this has to be one of my favourites. Reveal a fresher looking complexion with Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel. This overnight treatment supercharges your skin while you sleep to ensure that you wake up to a younger looking, fresher and firmer completion.


It helps to boost the skin's own repair processes and Collagen production and easily fits into any skin care routine, targeting scarring, sun damage, acne breakouts, fine lines and wrinkles.


Containing 14% Glycolic Acid and fruit enzymes to help sweep away dead skin cells, helping other serums and products to penetrate the skin and work more efficiently. 0.5% Retinol, a potent anti-wrinkle ingredient, which improves skin firmness, and reduces pigmentation and scarring. Shea Butter and Mango Seed Butter are intensely moisturising and nourishing, while the scent of Lavender and Frankincense help to relax you ready for a restful sleep.



Benefits of using Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel

  • Clarifies and brightens the complexion
  • Exfoliates and stimulates cellular renewal
  • Reduces the appearance of pigmentation, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles
  • Firms, tightens and plumps the skin
  • Increases moisture within the skin


It is recommended to use Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel 2 evenings a week. Apply to clean, dry skin making sure to avoiding the delicate eye area. This product can be applied over a serum there is no need to apply an additional night cream with It.


I have been using the Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel for a few months now, and have seen some incredible changes in my skin. I have found it has given me brighter, softer skin. It has also helped to soften my fine lines. It can be a bit “bitey” when you first begin to use it, but it soon settles down quickly. Make sure your face is completely dry before applying as water and retinol do not mix.


This product is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding due to the retinol content. It also contains Glycolic Acid which can increase skin's sensitivity to sunlight, so applying an SPF50 or higher during the day is a must!


If you require any further advice on any of the Alpha-H range, our specialist skin experts at Soho Skin Rejuvenation Westfield Chermside are available for consultations Monday to Saturday each week.


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